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Our Story

SheroBox was co-founded by three best friends in Dayton, Ohio.  One evening, over wine, the three were unwinding after their busy days with work, family, sporting events, charity obligations and so on.  Having discovered the wondrous world of subscription boxes, they brainstormed over a box that might contain various items to help manage the juggling act that all women face.  The ideas kept coming...and coming.

They also realized the importance of spending time together and supporting each other and wanted to bring that support to others.  But how could they fit a support network inside a box?  And...viola...SheroBox was born.

Our hope is that SheroBox becomes a treat our customers can't wait to receive each quarter, a platform for women in the business community to showcase their products, a forum for customers and suppliers to share skills and advice with each other and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Update as of August 19, 2016:

Thanks to all of you for an incredible first year at SheroBox! We couldn't have done it without suppliers and vendors like you. In our first twelve months, we will have shipped over 400 boxes to more than 100 women in 17 states (including Hawaii) and introduced subscribers to 59 new products by 54 women-owned or operated suppliers. We are continuously amazed by the exceptional women entrepreneurs we meet and the support you give each other. Woohoo!!


Cari Clark, Co-Founder and CEO

Melissa Wine, Co-Founder and Director of Creative Development

Christine Crum, Co-Founder and Director of Product Development